As a designer working across physical and digital spaces, since studying communication design my focus has been on exploring co-creation between humans and AI. I like to experiment with various tools and technologies. In my workshops, I emphasize hands-on exploration of new tech, encouraging a mindset of playful experimentation.


Currently, I'm working as a freelance designer, mainly doing workshops on how artificial intelligence can augment, not just replace, our creative processes. Since 2022, I've been part of the Prompt Battle team, participating in events like re:publica and transmediale.


– ongoing
Prompt Battle
A gameshow-like format bringing discussions about AI's role and impact into the public sphere.
– ongoing
Fabmobil e.V.
Conducting workshops for young people in rural areas to develop their digital skills and promote their creativity.
– ongoing
Media Lab Dresden
Assisting in realizing projects, enhancing self-efficacy, and conducting workshops on creative technologies.
– 2023
In this socio-cultural center, my focus was on developing media competence in youth, promoting critical and independent engagement with media.
– 2022
Bachelor of Arts @ HTW Dresden
I specialized in visual communication and design theory.
– 2021
Completed an internship and worked as a working student in a tech startup, contributing to UI development for a haptic design tool, branding, and design research.
– 2020
Tutor for DTP Software @ HTW Dresden
Supported students in mastering Desktop Publishing Software.
– 2018
Training as technical design assistant
Specialized in producing print products

Workshops, Talks

e.g. HTW Dresden, Leipziger Buchmesse, D2C2 Kunst- und Gestaltung, Netzwerktreffen der Digitallabore, Burg Giebichenstein Halle, tbc


If you have a project in mind or just
want to say hello, reach out to me via mail

a growing list of cool links and tools

Browser extension (download)
Adopt a virtual Roomba (Google Chrome only)

Mono Tool
Create artworks using just shapes and gradients
by Lena Weber

Constraint Systems
Alternative interfaces for editing and creating images and text
by Grant Custer

Internet Artifacts
Browse through the old Internet
by Neal Agarwal

Wonders of Street View
Discover bizarre places in Google Street View
also made by Neal Agarwal

Draw loops of sound with this web synthesizer
by Kyle Stetz

Whole Earth Index
A nearly complete archive of Whole Earth publications – “access to tools, ideas, and practices”
by Berry Threw

Open Type Face
Create your own font using face tracking
by Bauhauslabor

Draw This
An instant camera that draws cartoons using machine learning
by Dan Macnish

90s Cursor Effects
Make your cursor look retro
by Tim Holman

Jazz Keys
Type to jazz
by Plan8

What every browser knows about you
Find out what every browser knows about you
by Robin Linus

Spiral Betty
Turn images into halftone graphics arranged in a spiral pattern

Transform photos into squiggly line art
by Maksim Surguy

Your AI is What It Eats
Explore biases in AI training data through a scrollytelling website
by Jessica Lasch

ASCII Painter
Tool for drawing ASCII artworks
by Jonathan Brodsky

Window Swap
Look out of other people's windows

Hotel Vue des Alpes
Book a virtual vacation at the fictitious Hotel Vue des Alpes for a 5-day online escape
by Studer/van den Berg

Play a game through an email inbox that tackles sexism in the workplace
by ICE Lab

Cannot Sleep with Snoring Husband
The web page installation reveals the search queries made by user 711391 on March 1, 2006 and offers a deep insight into their life
by Simon Baer

Emoji Kitchen
Fun tool for creating new emojis by combining them
by Xavier Salazar

Convert images into 3D printable lithophanes

PNG Painter
Use anything as a pen

Merry Chrysler
Fill your own advent calendar and share it with your loved ones

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